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Maria D’Arcy: Story telling, dance, writing and English lessons in Paris

Dance, theater and acting

  1. Dancing Golden Hair at the Cent-Quatre
  2. Balinese dancing by Maria D’Arcy
  3. The Dance of Seven Veils
  4. Maria D’Arcy on the Gerry Ryan TV show in Dublin
  5. Maria D’Arcy dancing the Mystery of Love for Julie Rose Wilde in Paris
  6. Arabian Dancing by Maria D’Arcy
  7. Oscar Wilde’s Salomé performed by Maria D’Arcy
  8. Maria D’Arcy becomes the Pink Panther
  9. Maria D’Arcy: Big Spender at the Cantada II
  10. Maria D’Arcy: Burlesque Blooms at the Cantada II

English Lessons, Formations d’anglais par Maria D’Arcy

  1. Stages d’anglais animées par Maria D’Arcy
  2. Maria D’Arcy: Curriculum Vitæ
  3. Maria D’Arcy, the Teacher of English
  4. Formations d’anglais par Maria D’Arcy
  5. Maria D’Arcy: Proposition for New Teaching Concept
  6. Maria D’Arcy, la professeur d’anglais

Storytelling, dance and writing in Paris

  1. A Bloomsday reading of Gerty MacDowell in Paris by Maria D’Arcy
  2. Bloomsday 2013 celebration in Paris, presented by Maria D’Arcy and Sheldon Forest
  3. Maria D’Arcy reading the Tam O’Shanter at the Centre Culture Irlandais
  4. Maria D’Arcy: Exotic tales and dances from Celtic literature

Writing: The Hour of Our Heaven: Change the way you view life!

  1. Extracts from the novel: At the Hour of Our Death—Amen, by Maria D’Arcy
  2. An interview with Maria Sweeney about her novel, “The Hour of our Heaven”
  3. The Hour of Our Heaven, a novel by Maria D’Arcy
  4. The back cover of The Hour of Our Heaven