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Proposition for a new teaching concept for language schools and training managers, a niche proposed by Maria D’Arcy. Lisez cette page in français

Target market: Beginner students of English.
Clients who see themselves as blocked
Hyper-sensitive students.
Creative personalites who dislike scholarly methods.
Objective: to relax participants, to ease away any resistance so that they are receptive, curious, feel appreciated and respected, enjoy the learning experience so much so that they are willing to take the first steps in communicating in English.
Method: Neuro-Linguistic Programming activities, music and movement,
Hypnosis while listening to conversation, questions and answers,
Identity activites,
Silent method discovery exercises,
Pronunciation guide
Logistics: Two participants, or multiples of two.
Room with space to move, 15m2 minimum, equipped with speakers and a projector connected to a computer.
Required number of seats with cushions or armchairs.
Duration: Two sessions of two hours 10:30–12:30, then 1:00 pm–3:00 pm in one day.
Option: Follow up with individual lessons or Confidence coaching aimed at student’s specific priorities.
Cost: Competitive rates, 40 euros p.p. per hour in 2020.
Programme activities: 1: Stem sentences.
2. Music Video and lyrics
3. Conversation for coffee breaks, networking and parties.
4: Interests exchange.
5: Prêt-à-Parler list of useful questions/responses
6: Hypnosis technique to assimilate grammar tenses.
7. Drills to memorise vocabulary.
8. Prêt-à-parler for travel.
9. Holiday talk.
10. Pronunciation—the musicality and enthusiasm of English.
11. Dialogues about family, restaurants, cinema, personalities, ambitions.
12. Karaoke
Observations: This can be adapted to complete beginners, elementary or pre-intermediary levels.

Contact: Maria D’Arcy 75017 Paris France
Tel: +33 (0)6 83 27 23 80; e-mail:

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