75017 Paris, France

The Naughty Dames of Paris

Isabelle Sojfer and I met on rue de Rivoli, outside the art space «Électron Libre» where I had just finished a storytelling Bloomsday performance. Isabelle had been in the same building for an alternative fashion show and, to my delight, said she found my style more original.

It turns out she lives beside me in the 17th district of Paris, so we shared a taxi back. Later I discovered her talent for writing spicy tales while I told her about my recent burlesque shows. We both like to play with the line between naughty and nice, provocative but never offensive. Isabelle also sings ballads accompanied by a quaint ukulele made specifically for her by Tim Lazer.

We decided to mingle our creativity and thus we became the Naughty Dames of Paris. Naturally we included Victor Hugo and Esmeralda. The photographer David Henry followed us around our quarter one sunny Sunday turning it into an ambient photoshoot. Here is an extract from our first show in the cellar-bar of the Santa Maria restaurant.

—Maria D’Arcy

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