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I found the pink dress with its dangling tail in a vintage shop in North Carolina and couldn’t resist its cuteness though I couldn’t foresee any opportunity to wear it. A few weeks later I was invited by Elena Odessa Ray to join a troupe of burlesque dancers and suddenly the dress took on a character, The Pink Panther. It’s such a playful experience to dance to this musical extract by Henry Mancini.

What a thrill it was when another venue, le «Centre Culturel Christiane Peugeot» invited me to participate in their animal exhibition, on June 4th 2015, entitled «Pas si Bête». I was listed with a rich array of talents including painters, sculptors, photographers, sketchers, an embroiderer, a writer, storyteller, actor, pianist and singer to do a show.

The evening was warm and sunny and I trust the audience felt the glow I was sending out to them.

—Maria D’Arcy

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