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The Dance of Seven Veils

Dance videos of Maria D’Arcy

  1. The mystery of love, a music video for Julie Rose Wilde
  2. The Naughty Dames of Paris
  3. Folks Back Home, by the Hut Dwellers
  4. Golden Hair at the Cent-Quatre in Paris
  5. Burlesque Blooms at the Cantada II
  6. Salomé, recital and dance at le Chat Noir
  7. Dancing the Pink Panther at l’Atelier Z
  8. Big Spender at le Cantada II
  9. Balinese dancing at the Casino de Paris
  10. Arabian Dancing at Atelier Z
  11. The Dance of Seven Veils
  12. The Gerry Ryan TV Show in Dublin
  13. A Saint Patty’s day message, 2021

Here is my interpretation of the famous, exuberant dance of the Seven Veils after which Salomé requested from a shocked King Herod the head of John the Baptist.

It was shot in a photo studio in Dublin and I brought along the background accessories to add a little Egyptian ambiance.

I like the lighting in this video.

—Maria D’Arcy

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