75017 Paris, France

A message from Maria D’Arcy on Saint Patty’s day, 2021

Dance videos of Maria D’Arcy

  1. The mystery of love, a music video for Julie Rose Wilde
  2. The Naughty Dames of Paris
  3. Folks Back Home, by the Hut Dwellers
  4. Golden Hair at the Cent-Quatre in Paris
  5. Burlesque Blooms at the Cantada II
  6. Salomé, recital and dance at le Chat Noir
  7. Dancing the Pink Panther at l’Atelier Z
  8. Big Spender at le Cantada II
  9. Balinese dancing at the Casino de Paris
  10. Arabian Dancing at Atelier Z
  11. The Dance of Seven Veils
  12. The Gerry Ryan TV Show in Dublin
  13. A Saint Patty’s day message, 2021

It was the anniversary, the first, of the day life in France and Ireland came to a standstill for that shattering confinement to quarters, the unexpected lock-down, the sit-on-your-sofa and watch Netflix or learn to correspond via Zoom spell.

The Irish in France called for submissions to pull our community together, to cheer us up, and to prove life continues behind closed doors. What a treat for us all when the illustrious TV presenter Ryan Tubridy joined Paul Lynch to enthuse over our artistic online endeavours…

Happy Saint Patty’s day!

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