75017 Paris, France

Burlesque Blooms in Paris

How thrilling it was to be invited to be in the line up of sizzling burlesque dancers at Daisy Deparys’ cabaret! The show was entitled “Wunderblue”, at the Cantada II bar at 13, rue Moret 75011 Paris, December 6th 2014.

The video starts with mistress of ceremonies Daisy Deparys introducing me. Suspense was supposed to be built up as I took a slow 30 seconds to arrive on stage. My only blue costume is Egyptian style, for belly dance, so I ventured to do the Dance of the Seven veils with burlesque touches during the count down…

I, as “Miss Jezebel” was the first on stage but that allowed me the luxury of enjoying the whole show. What I observed was how that spark of creativity, as well as the flamboyant costumes can transform a plain Jane into a star, and the stars shone one after another with totally surprising acts. The atmosphere was scintillating.

The music I danced to is “Raksat Samara” by Daniel Der Sahakian on the album “Belly Dance with Samara”, released in 1986, the video was shot by Aurélien Selle.

—Maria D’Arcy

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