75017 Paris, France

Big Spender in Paris

“Wondergold,” was the theme of Daisy Deparys’ kabarett at le Cantada II bar at 13, rue Moret 75011 Paris, March 4th 2015.

My first inclination was to create a choreography to “Goldfinger”, as creation and surprise is the recipe of Burlesque, but another dancer had jumped in quicker to reserve the number. However, Daisy assured me “Big Spender” was still on theme, equating gold to money, so it was the latter Shirley Bassey number I did, followed by a bit of “Bumps and Grinds” to use the prized gold cloak that I bought in Pattaya, Thailand.

The song I danced to is Shirley Bassey’s version, released in 1967.

—Maria D’Arcy

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