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Maria doing voice over for a BNPP ad…

recorded in the studios of O’Bahamas for a bank.

BNPP: From our origins we try to put our hearts in to transforming complex challenges in to opportunities. Our world is accelerating with increasing complexity. We explore new opportunities to act on and improve it. We believe our clients have the extraordinary power to impact the world. Our mission is to empower the decision making to influence, change and improve the world, creating a legacy of impact for future generations. Combining our expertise and our clients’ influence, we can build a sustainable and harmonious future. We grow, learn and innovate together throughout our lives, to ensure progress towards respect and harmony. And what we don’t know yet, we will learn together… Recorded in the studios of O’Bahamas, Levallois-Perret, Paris.

Maria D’Arcy with Tendayi Olga Chirawu recording an interview for “The Right to Write” in the studios of World Radio Paris.

—photo by photographer in Paris David Henry

Maria D’Arcy in the press

  1. Mayday, Special guest performer at Spokenword Paris, May 1st 2023
  2. The Right to Write, a radio interview with Maria D’Arcy
  3. Seventh Heaven, The book that Should have won an Award!
  4. James Joyce’s “orgasm paragraph” in Ulysses
  5. World Radio Paris Turning Points
  6. Voice over for a BNPP ad, recorded in the O’Bahamas studios for a bank
  7. A recording for a Georgio Armani fragrance commercial on television

The fresh challenge in doing commercials is to know when to start verbalising the ad while music is playing in the background, to have the lines fit in to the timeframe and most importantly to win over listeners.

Maria D’Arcy hails from Dublin, followed voice and theatre training at The Gaiety school of Acting in Dublin where she learned the skill of creating vivid backgrounds to bring credulity to the characters. She became an oral storyteller specialising in the literary texts of James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Robert Burns. For the last two years has been performing theatre extracts from her own novel, Seventh Heaven Seven Perceptions in Paris where she now lives.

A radio ad for office furniture: One is the strength of a pioneer who was drawn to new horizons. One is a brand new vision that guides those who follow in a brave new world where they all become One. One is a singular state of mind which will write a new chapter in history to be used as a reference for those who follow. One is a step forward that paves the way to a new vitality in office buildings.

Lift Crème: The Lift Crème has reduced the appearance of wrinkles by 25%. The key ingredient, botanical alfalfa concentrate, is gentle on the skin and is as efficient as Retinol™. Available in three sensorial textures, the Lift Crème is composed of up to 94% natural ingredients.

La Vache qui rit cheese: A good portion of calcium! A good slice of fun, how can you get bored? The Laughing Cow, because it’s better to laugh! Right now, collect your favorite pixel heros with the Laughing Cow and try to win a magical family experience at Disneyland Paris.

I am what I live! My way, the new fragrance, Georgio Armani… —photo by photographer in Paris David Henry

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