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World Radio Paris Turning Points: Maria D’Arcy

—by Patricia Killeen, contributor to the World Radio Paris, May 27th 2021

Maria D’Arcy reciting from Ulysses outside Shakespeare & Co Paris based photographer David Henry

Maria D’Arcy on avenue de la Grande Armée, in front of the west façade of l’arc de Triomphe. —photo by Parisian photographer David Henry

In this episode of Turning Points, Patricia Killeen speaks with Maria D’Arcy, storyteller, dancer and author. Maria tells of how she started out as a performer in Dublin. She recounts how Paris was a catalyst; her Parisian one-woman shows, Bloomsday performances and other creative ventures.

Maria D’Arcy in the press

Seventh Heaven, The book that Should have won an Award!

James Joyce’s “orgasm paragraph” in Ulysses

World Radio Paris Turning Points

Maria’s ambition is to entertain, to sprinkle magic, to uplift others and to help the shy gain confidence in her English conversation, theatre and dance workshops.

Maria considers her book “Seventh Heaven from Seven Perspectives” her legacy… It evokes tolerance and empathy between different creeds while adding a huge dash of romance and spirituality. Written under her penname Maria Sweeney, both English and French versions, «À l’heure de septième ciel», are available on Amazon.

She is available to organise story-time soirées, where she and her (forthcoming) audio-book team can read extracts from her book, with musical and dance interludes.

She also hopes to travel the world to perform and promote her book…

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