75017 Paris, France

Molly Bloom on the 100th anniversary of Ulysses

The year 2022 brings the Centenary of the publication of “Ulysses” on the very birthday of James Joyce, the second of February 2022: 2/2/22. All over the world people are reading extracts from the wordy, stark and startling text. Most women dream of re-enacting the scene of Molly Bloom though to do that they first need to break the long, long, long 40-page sentence into intelligible phrases. Regardez cette page en français

Here is the final page of the book interpreted by Maria for this centenary celebration. On request an extract in French has been included in Susan Leybourne’s recently released e-book about Joyce’s life in Paris. The Paris commemoration included a literary party outside the famous bookshop Shakespeare & Company (opposite Notre-Dame Cathedral) where Sylvia Whitman welcomed everyone with champagne, cocktails and hors d’œuvres. Actors and readers dressed in costumes and later assembled among hundreds of aficionados for the evening event at le Centre Culturel Irlandais, near le Panthéon.

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