75017 Paris, France

Interview with Jilliana Ranicar-Breese

Dance videos of Maria D’Arcy

The mystery of love, a music video for Julie Rose Wilde

Burlesque Blooms at the Cantada II

Salomé, recital and dance at le Chat Noir

Dancing the Pink Panther at l’Atelier Z

Big Spender at le Cantada II

Balinese dancing at the Casino de Paris

Arabian Dancing at Atelier Z

The Gerry Ryan TV Show in Dublin

The Dance of Seven Veils

It was out of the blue that I received an email from someone asking to do an interview with me, an English lady named Jilliana Ranicar-Breese whom I had met once at an art soirée in Montmartre some three years earlier. We spoke about dance performances and she had remembered my enthusiasm. She was keen to do the interview in my apartment in Paris to get a flavour of who I really am.

We ended up doing three interviews in three parts, one about origins and moving from Dublin to Paris, another highlighting my dance and the third focussed on literature—my own novel “Seventh Heaven, Seven Perceptions” and also my performance set which includes James Joyce and Oscar Wilde.

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