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Reviews of “Seventh Heaven, Seven Perceptions”

by Maria D’Arcy

Sylva Wilson, Brazilian writer/reporter
For me this is the Book of the Year because it’s so wise and philosophical. I would love to be able to write like this. I hope it gets translated into French and Spanish soon because it deserves to be read in many countries.

Rachel Doherty, language orchestrator in Paris
I enjoyed reading this book immensely. It is beautifully written and I imagine a lot of research went into writing it. There is a wealth of culture in each chapter. Personally, I liked the character of Bridget from Donegal the most. The author portrays an honest representation of a grieving family and how this can transform into something uplifting. The ending was a well thought out masterpiece.

Sr. Ellen Gabin PhD, an active 92-year-old nun who borrowed this book during a creative writing course in Dublin.
How I enjoyed reading this story, it is the type of book that is needed today! It is a brilliant and well-researched account of seven different religions. It highlights the unity and oneness between all. It has a magnetism that reaches beyond the parish. I am very grateful to Maria D’Arcy for sharing her spiritual enlightenment in her novel. It is so un-morbid, giving us a bright image of what is waiting to greet us at The Hour of our Heaven.

Erica Williamson, Canadian psychology graduate
This book fascinated me because it is a revelation to the major creeds of our planet, both religious and atheist. I am full of admiration for the author’s courage and compassion. She didn’t water down the chapters about the Muslim taking steps towards a suicide bombing to make it palatable to Western minds. I loved the poetic images painted as Eamonn was dying and transforming into the light of Heaven. It would make you lose any fear of death, a thing that is in store for us all anyway.

Thibaut Bosworth-Gérôme, French-American phonetics coach
I loved the book! It’s astonishing, such a rich and insightful read. It is well written, skillfully woven, well documented, insightful and compassionate. Congratulations Maria!

Jim Simon, author in North Carolina
An insightful novel told through the consciousness of several characters with thought-provoking discussions of religion and faith, the afterlife, what happens when you die… It is well-written and, despite the gravity of the topics, very easy to read. Ms. D’Arcy reminds us of what we have a tendency to ignore as we pass through our lives: what happens after?

Vincent Mathias, French film cinematographer
Merveilleux livre qui mêle culture histoire et émotions. À recommander!

Eloic Mercier, French language consultant
I found this story like a Netflix series. We jump from one human drama to the next. Fascinating! I hope it will soon be translated into my language French for a second reading.

Keith Sarver, cover graphic designer
Great storytelling! This is an important book for our times because it creates empathy not enmity between peoples. Incredibly well balanced, equal weight is given to each of the seven characters. I found it to be a sensitive read, I was intrigued by the plot and read quickly, to know what was going to happen to every vulnerable person.

Caroline Carstens, academic support officer in Australia
I like the notion that we have a choice whether to cling to our grief of our lost loved ones or let them go, to transform into blissful energy. That made me want to stop holding on and allow my Mum to rise and enjoy her Heaven while I get on with my life, free from the chains of grieving.

Barbara Quinn, school teacher in Dublin
It’s very informative and well-researched. You learn so much about other cultures. The author understands how families communicate and what is between the lines.

Tom Jude, English playwright
The style of writing is beautifully fluid. I love the way the words are crafted and roll together.

Florence Lutèce, tour guide in Paris
Hello from Paris! I am impressed on discovering “Seventh Heaven, Seven Perceptions.” The story is “original” an unusual topic has been revealed. Maria’s mise en scène of these 7 souls show how they lived, thought, their vision of life and what path to follow. What is the author’s purpose? Trying to reconnect human kind? The human condition does not really change. This book could have been written 150 years ago. We can all find ourselves in these 7 perspectives. The number 7 is also quite symbolic. Maria uses English in all its diversity. English not being my mother tongue, it was a bit of a challenge for me to understand but what a pleasure! Looking forward to a French translation! I could imagine the book turning into a theatre play or/and a movie. I found myself quickly intrigued by the personalities of the 7 characters. Very rich description helped me to project myself into their contrasting worlds! Vivid! The way Maria writes openly curious is humorous, dramatic and shaking! It makes us reflect on our own life. It gives a real motivation to go on reading. She is able to link the beliefs of these 7 characters and our own life towards an attempt of connection between these 7 spirits. I must say part of the stories are deeply moving and meaningful. She goes beyond stereotypes and certainly brings a philosophical meaning. “When you come to accept you are each part of these same pulse, you may return to your elected paradise or rise even higher”!

Jean-Pierre Quaranta, marketing & public relations coordinator, France Télécom
This amazing story is exceptionally pertinent to our lives, where tolerance is lacking. I would love to give the book to my darling wife to read but she speaks only French. I also wish to give this inspiring novel to all of my friends as a Christmas present, in the French language. Why don’t I pay for the translation? Voilà, À l’Heure du Septième Ciel.

Patricia Killeen, Irish journalist
This is a “must read book”, treating with well-chosen words, lyrical writing and streams of consciousness, questions we often skirt around. We live much of our lives pussyfooting around some of the most elementary life questions and through her seven protagonists’ stories Maria D’Arcy soothes us with her refreshing spiritual and philosophical outlook, allowing us to contemplate our own “road” and final destination with curiosity and a lot less apprehension. Her empathy seeping through the seven very different characters, from every corner of the globe, underlines the message of compassion that is integral to the book. Apart from the author’s literary talents her message is so important that it may, in a gentle Maria way, give us the tools to avoid the usual regrets people often face at their final hour, (as described by Bonnie Ware, the palliative nurse in “The Top Five Regrets of The Dying”). Thinking about my own choices and alternating versions of Paradise, after reading the 7 life voyages, my personal perspective slightly shifted. The strength, optimism and magic of Maria’s words should be sprinkled far and wide and “Seventh Heaven, Seven Perceptions” is a perfect gift, offering the lucky receiver much more than just a fantastic read… Thank you Maria, your book is a revelation!

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