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Seventh Heaven, Seven Perceptions:

Dear Publisher/Agent

This is a work of fiction, set in exotic locations, rippling with life while addressing our most final of moments—death. The stories create empathy between cultures. With an inner dialogue approach, it mixes psychology with philosophical reflection but it is not designed to be a theological study, even if the narrative is dressed with information about various religions, it is easy to read and allows readers slip into the minds of others.

The book would serve as a stronghold for those fearing death or those who have recently lost a loved one, as it passes into the perfect paradise of each character, whether this be inspired by religious conditioning, a lifetime’s neurosis or the metaphysical itself.

It should appeal to a wide readership in the US, Ireland, Israel, those curious about Buddhism, or the mentality of an atheist as well as people curious about the conviction of a Muslim suicide bomber. It is a curtain opener to the major credences of our planet and religion is a colourful, sometimes thoroughly intelligent practice. Food for thought.

In a light, humane, sometimes entertaining way the chapters cover life and death, love and sex, song and dance, exuberance and despair.

It is in English but I would be happy for it to be translated into French for the French market too.

Selected extracts of the novel are available on Maria D’Arcy’s web site. I invite you to leave your prejudices behind and surrender to the wonder and possibilities in

Seventh Heaven, Seven Perceptions

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