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Maria D’Arcy

Résumé; Native English speaker; teaching certification—equivalency recognized by the French National Ministry of Education, (Masters) France; TEFL x 2. Lisez cette page en français

Professional Experience—English teacher: CDII contracts in Paris

June 2008–present
Anglesey Language Services: English language training for employees working in finance and insurance, including BNP-Paribas.
October 2006–present
Tomatis Langues: Fast track training in pronunciation, tonal stress, long and short vowels for actors and other entertainment professionals working in film, production, costumes, including Disney.
November 2004–present
Language Network: various assignments targeted to specific needs, including at the French National Assembly Palais de Bourbon, in CDD.
ISCOM, Institut Supérieur de Communication: a private university, English training for marketing and advertising to 27 18-year-old students.
September 2000–present
Wall Street Institute: Top Talk Teacher, private lessons for people experiencing difficulties learning or with special needs in subjects including law, medicine, real estate, exam preparation, information technology or conversation vocabulary for travel, business luncheons, meetings, conversations—but above all, to put those who are not comfortable speaking English at ease.
September 2003–2008
Talking Affairs: English teacher and teaching assistant in finances, accounting, negotiations, meetings, presentations, secretarial tasks, telephone dialogue, correspondence, e-mail, conference calls, and consulting, including Ernst & Young.
December 1999–present
Nouvelles Frontières Langues: English lessons in small groups on the topics of advertising, marketing and hotel industries for companies such as Gaz de France and the Michelin Guide. The company was renamed Linguaphone in February 2010.
October 1999–present
L’Europe se Parle: English lessons for children preparing for end-of-the-year shows, in CDD.
June 1998–February 2002
Langues et Entreprises: Training for groups of 12 people with «Chéquiers Langues»; stories, tales, role playing, suggestopaedia, interviews, appointments, planning, résumés, audio-visuel, videos, every-day English.
September 1998–January 2001
Diamond School: English lessons focused on insurance vocabulary for 14 groups of six people twice a week.
August 1997–January 2004
Télélangue: One-on-one lessons in person and by telephone, in language schools and in businesses. English lessons taught in a professional enrichment context for all levels of students, beginners–advanced. Business and every-day English for companies such as Chanel, SNCF Railways, France Télécom and Alcatel.

Professional Experience in Ireland:

September 1996–June 1997
English teacher for foreigners in Ireland (following on a TEFL test): vocabulary and grammar for getting along in an English-speaking country.
February 1981–June 1997
School teacher for the Irish National Ministry of Education, in classes with handicapped children 4–16 years old: reading, communicating, getting along.
September 1980–December 1981
School teacher: teaching reading, writing, mathematics and behavior management in large classes in Scotland.

Base Training:

  1. Diploma in Education with Merit in psychology, sociology and philosophy. Courses in theory, group training and organization at the Notre Dame College, Glasgow, Scotland, 1979. This diploma is recognized by the French National Ministry of Education, «avec approbation pour concours Capes».
  2. Teaching degree at Saint Patrick’s (Gaelach) College of Education, Dublin, 1982
  3. Teaching English as Foreign Language, Phoenix Institute–Dublin 1995
  4. Teaching English as Foreign Language, Marino College–Dublin 1995

Various additional training in Paris 2000–2008

Intensive training in NLP, “Neuro Linguistic Programming”

Intercultural training

Techniques for giving presentations in public

Training by hypnosis

Training in pronunciation, phonetics, rhythm, accentuation and intonation.

Training in “Silent Way”, “Blended Learning” and “Suggestopaedia” techniques

Training in teaching English using theater

Preparation of specialized training materials for professional: lawyers, doctors, etc.

Preparation for the TOEIC test

Fine-tuning listening skills, a method used at the Tomatis School

Sign language for stimulating communication among handicapped youths

Actress, story-teller, Arabian dancer, and dance teacher, in many shows on stage and on television

Member of the English Philosophical Café Association in Paris

Training in Windows operating system and Office software, 1996

Theater and «La Voix Gaiety» School of Professional Acting, 1990 in Dublin

Excellent skills in the French language.

Contact: Maria D’Arcy 75017 Paris France
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 93 10 52 e-mail:

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